Les Belles Soeurs - Spring 2017


Germaine Lauzon has won a million trading stamps, but there's a catch: they all need to be pasted into books in order to be redeemed. With her head spinning with schemes to redecorate her working-class home from top to bottom, Germaine invites friends, relatives, and neighbours to assist her with this gargantuan task at a stamp-pasting party.

Over the course of the evening, the party guests shamelessly share their secret hopes and fears, fantasize about escaping the drudgery of their lives... and surreptitiously tuck the stamps into their clothes and purses. By turns hilarious and poignant, Michel Tremblay's biting satire exposed uncomfortable topics in a way that still resonates today.



Germaine Lauzon - Lorraine Hopkins
Linda Lauzon - Sarah Algozino
Marie-Ange Brouillette - Kathy McHugh
Rose Ouimet - Andrea Jermacans
Des-Neiges Verrette - Jane Brownrigg
Yvette Longpré - Gabriele Thomas
Gabrielle Jodoin - Anne Ladouceur
Lise Paquette - Jessica Holmes
Lisette de Courval - Pamela Pearson
Thérèse Dubuc - Jen Jones
Olivine Dubuc - Cindy Saucier
Angéline Sauvé - Christine Erdos
Rhéauna Bibeau - Lucie Forget
Ginette Ménard - Emma Patterson
Pierrette Guérin - Jenifer Gunton*
  *understudied by Lindsay Hébert


Director - Sandra McNeill
Producer - Michael Moreau

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