On Stage

Oliver Twist
April 10-13 2019

Director: Sandra McNeill

RAPA is delighted to present Charles Dickens' classic tale of an orphan boy, as adapted by Joeleen Bland. This Victorian-era play of misery, mystery and enchantment will move the audience to another time and place... a place where children were to be seen and not heard -- that is until the orphan Oliver, speaks up.

As the story does show some of the dark underbelly of London's 1880's society through thievery and murder, younger audiences may find this disturbing. RAPA recommends it being a 11+ viewing.

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adapted by Joellen Bland from the novel by Charles Dickens

Cast List

OliverLeo Dumas
Mr. Bumble Jim Jeffcott
Mrs. Corney Martine Rack
Old Sally Cindy Saucier
Mr. Sowerberry Paul Richmond
Mrs. Sowerberry Marsha Dupelle
Charlotte Brianna Thoms
Noah Claypole Ethan Oriwol
Fagin Len Trembley
The Artful Dodger James Richmond
Bet Jacklyn Bryson
Bill Sikes Scott Tomlinson
Nancy Jennifer Long
Miss Monks Isobel Masson
Mr. Brownlow John Garroch
Mrs. Bedwin Jennifer Rowberry
Rose Alexa McPhail
Mrs. Grimwig Lucie Forget
Miss Eliza Sellers Holly Hughson
Police Officer Julien Thoms
Workhouse children Beau Harnois, Sophie, Ben and Emma Peterson, Finn Cahill, Declan Cochrane, Samantha Greer
Fagin's Boys and Girls William Meisner, Maeve Gernon, Chloe Lavigne, Erin Arbuckle, Cali Bond, Deklan Coggen, Charlotte Lystiuk
Townspeople Faith Croskery, Katarina Dawiskiba, Naomi Nelson-Shields, Abigail Ford, Kara Harnois, Rowana and River Carruthers, Colson Goggan


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