Fall 2018 production of "A Nice Family Gathering"

Performance dates November 21-24th 2018 (to be confirmed)

Auditions will be held Tuesday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 13 at the Russell High School Cafetorium (982 North Russell Road) from 6pm to 9pm, with callbacks on Tuesday, June 19.

No preparation is necessary for the auditions. On the day of their audition, actors will be provided with pages from the script that they can read through beforehand. We all have families and we have all attended dinners; what we are looking for is a relaxed and fun audition to put together a cast that has a good family chemistry.


These are the dates in the scripts but I am flexible so long as the cast fit together and could be a family.

Dad 60's - 70's
A doctor who comes back as a ghost and can only communicate with Carl. No others actors on stage can see or react to him. I see this character as a hard working doctor who always provided for his family. He was caring and considerate in all things regarding the safety and comfort of his family. He has a great sense of humor. His focus was on ensuring that the family would always be financially comfortable. His only downfall was that he never said "I Love You" to his wife. He tries very hard to rectify this through Carl.

Mom 60's - 70's
A very warm and kind person who loves her family very much and always makes sure that the home was always welcoming for her family. She is light hearted and smart with a warm sense of humor.

Carl 30's - 40's
A journalist by profession but is currently driving a truck for a living. Carl is very smart and finds it difficult to say no. He is always helpful even when he knows that it could get him into hot water. He can think on his feet and is able to turn most situations to his advantage.

Michael 30's - 40's
Following in his father's footsteps he is also a doctor. A little more serious than is younger brother Carl. A dry sense of humor and a little guarded in his personal affairs. He has the attitude of keeping up with the joneses' and gets himself into a financial predicament. Not as frugal has his father and so a little irresponsible financially. Still an easy going fun character with a dry sense of humor.

Jill 20's - 30's (Michaels wife)
A warm and happy person. Very smart with a light hearted sense of humor. She only sees the good in people and enjoys life and all it has to offer. She is not demanding of anything but simply goes with the flow of her marriage and loves Michael very much.

Stacy 20's - 30's
She hasn't found her goal in life yet and wonders from one idea to another. Very intelligent but lacks focus. She finds herself pregnant and has to finally tell her family.

Jerry 60's - 70's
A very close and good friend of the family for many years. He has always liked Mom but has never considered her as a companion. A smart and thoughtful man who has everyone's best interest at heart.


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