Spring 2018 Ella's Lounge - a Rock Opera

An additional performance has been added for Ella's Lounge - Saturday April 21st at 2:00PM !!

Our Spring 2018 show will be Ella's Lounge, a Rock Opera April 18-21st 2018. Tickets will be on sale March 9th 2018. See our Tickets page for online purchase and local outlets.

Roger and Nick are struggling to come to terms with the loss of their beloved wife and mother, Ella. When presented with the opportunity to commemorate her in a musical tribute, grizzled rocker Roger sees a chance to reconnect with his son -- not realizing that Nick has withdrawn from his own music in order to avoid painful reminders of his mother. And then one day, a stranger comes to town, harbouring a secret of her own...

This is Ella's Lounge - A Rock Opera. Grown from the seed of a haunting melody composed by local actor and musician Dave Rama two decades ago, and brought to life in collaboration with local actor, director and teacher Kevin Kennedy, Ella's Lounge is a love letter to music, and it's ability to move us, break us, heal us, change us, and make us smile. RAPA is honoured and delighted to be featuring this original work for its Spring 2018 production.

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